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A Gift For Claire aka Seahorse67

Gee, I wonder if he would let me giftwrap him and send him to her?


In the Mood for Dreams
I took a little time last night and worked on a couple of templates. The first one came out so gorgeous it nearly took my breath away, but it just wasn't "it". This one, however, reflects my mood as of late much better.

Welcome to the place of dreams, the time when the veil is uncovered and the stars glow in a darkening sky. God has touched me and I pray He touches you too.


Ain't Depressed No More
Looky what I did today.:)

I call her The Sword-maiden.

I've been experimenting with watercolors, and although it's not my normal medium I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results. Of course, I had to throw some colored pencils in there for good measure.:) I had a gorgeous Celtic border that surrounded her, but I flubbed it tremendously and had to cut it out at the last moment. Fear not...I'll find some place to use it.:)

Painting again..woohoo! Go me.


The Whiney Zone
I am so depressed.

I feel like I have the Curse of the Black Tongue; everything I have said of late has been taken so wrong wrong wrong.

I hate to see people hurt, especially by my hand, and especially by misunderstandings. And, to make things even bleaker, two of my e-mail have gone unanswered, and I know that everyone is not as lame at not answering e-mails quickly as I am (although I am trying to improve in this area, rest assured).

No, it must be that I offend.

For a while I have thought seriously about retiring from the internet community altogether, but I have decided against that course of action. I enjoy the boards I frequent, and I don't want to give that up just because I am feeling really blue. That said, I may have to take a break (which I do from time to time with complete and free abandon).

I don't know...things have just been getting to me. I've always tried to be the one who causes others joy, not pain, andI don't like this new light I've been cast in. The shadows are not for me.

Yerp...I guess I am whining. Good thing I didn't post in the 'Whining' thread on the TWBB, after all. On second thought, maybe I should have and it could have saved me a depressing blog post.

Ah well. Some beds that have been made should be slept in, I suppose. Time to pray and get a grip.

Later gators...

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