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A' Target-ing We Shall Go...
Went shopping today. Have money will spend.

Behold the flavors from left to right: strawberry, tutti-frutti, cherry, very berry, cotton candy, bubblegum.
The tutti-frutti is my favorite.

Hmm. Methinks I'm going a little tutti-frutti myself if I find Hello Kitty lip balms subjects worthy of blogging about.

Perhaps I need a hobby.

No. I have a hobby, cross stitching, and it's *expensive*. I had entertained the thought of making scissor fobs after seeing the one Angi sent me, but that thought lasted about 5 seconds. I spend enough money on hobby supplies, thank you, I need not yet *another* thing to spend lavish amounts of moolah on.

Hah. Yeah, right. Remind me I said that after Crystal Indulgence aka Angi's-scissor-fobs hits the market.
New entry up on American Jade. I took a quiz the other night, "How Japanese Are You?" and I've finally posted the results.

I've also cleaned up some links to the other entries on the index page. Apparently, I did not have the HTML formatted correctly, which just goes to show you I'm not as computah-savvy as I like to pretend I am.


Friendship In A Work Of Art
Looky looky looky! *This* is what I found in my mailbox today!

Angi custom made this beautiful scissors fob for me, and it was a complelte surprise. Not only are the crystals in my favorite shades of pink, but it has a *dolphin* as the main charm.

I am so touched I don't know what to say.

Here is a closer look at this delicate work of art:

As I was stitching with it today, I kept stopping my work to gaze at it. The sunlight was spilling in through the window, lighting it and casting sparkling prisms across my couch. I think I spent more time playing with it than actually stitching!

The creme de la creme was when Angi called me herself to make sure I had recived it. We had a long phone visit, and I came away feeling so blessed to know so many wonderful people.

Thank you Angi, for making my day!:)

Oh, y'all wanna know how much I love my new fob???


Cinq du Vendredi

Okay, so my French is pathetic, give me a break.

Here goes:

At this moment, what is your favorite...

1. ...song?

'Quest' by David Arkenstone.

2. ...food?

Mexican white cheesedip without jalepenos.

3. ...tv show?

I don't have cable, but if I did it would The Croc Hunter Diaries.

4. ...scent?

lavender chamomile powder by Johnson & Johnson

5. ...quote?

"Don't be so open minded your brains fall out".~ Chinese proverb.

'Night, y'all!

What Color Are You?

Color Quiz:


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

This is the first time in the history of color quizzes I have not been diagnosed as 'pink'.
Happy Birthday Mr. Z.
I just heard today the Cheap Trick's lead singer, Robin Zander, is 51 today.

They were one of my favorite bands when I was in junior high. I was determind to marry the man; never mind that he was probably married, I was under age, and that I had a snowball's chance in you-know-where of ever succeeding with my notion. I was 13 at the time, and he was my golden-haired, silky voiced, 20-something hero.

And now he's 51. What does that make me?

Good grief. How time flies.

I feel *really* old.
Back and Fully Caffinated
I'm back this morning, fully caffinated and in a much better mood.

First things first: new entry up at American Jade. I got a kick out of this one.

I've been asked what one has to do to become a Geisha Girl (see my side bar). You don't have to be Asian, and you don't even have to be stitching a geisha. Simply put, you just have to have an appreciation or interest for Asian culture. That's it!

For Taneya's benefit, I've included the little bit describing the geishas that are currently listed:

I added a 'Geisha' section to my sidebar. This is for those who have helped inspire this new look by their ardent appreciation for Asian culture. Not one of them is Japanese; Jennie is from New Zealand and is about as Anglo as I am. She has this glowing pale skin, so she knows I mean no insult when I call us both "Miz Mayo's". Taneya is African-American, and has been blessed with the most gorgeous complexion I've ever seen. Laura is the closest to actually being Asian than any of us, as her mother is Chinese. I don't know if she speaks Chinese, or if she has even been to China, but she has been blessed with golden skin and almond eyes that I absolutely envy."

If anyone would like to be a Geisha Girl, just e-mail me and I'll add you to the list.


A Shallow Morning
I am very tired this morning, so tired that I had to reschedule the dreaded TTTP (la pediatrician).

I guess I'll have to put away my armor for another week.

I stayed up far too late for my body tolerance, so my constitution is weak this morning. This leaves me feeling rather vunerable, and that makes me shallow. So shallow, in fact, that I've noticed I've been taken off of one of the blog lists. This can either mean two things: 1) I've ticked somebody off or 2) they forgot to add me back on at some point. Either way it's their blog, but I can't help feeling grumpy about it. I don't think I'm a first rate controversial act, so I don't know what the problem is.

Frankly, I'm a marshmallow. Pretty fluffy stuff, here.

Hmm, maybe that's the deal. Maybe I'm not meaty or torrid enough for some readers. Of course, I write for me as well as for an audience, and eventually one or the other is not going to be happy with an entry. If I did write just for me, it would be incomprehensible mish-mash no one would understand and there would be no point in posting it anyway, so that's why I write for both me and readers. It helps keep me focused.

On the other hand, I've been added to a couple of other blog lists, which makes up for it.

I know, I know, I'm being horridly spineless and superficial, but I'm achy and crabby and that's just the way it is. No, I don't harbor hard feelings over anyone, I'm just speaking out my ear. I'm looking for some kind of self-validation, and I find that rather pathetic. I'll get over it, sooner than is probably decent. And don't you all go playing the pompus gasbags on me, you know we've *all* checked from time to time to see whose lists we are on. Just some days we don't care, while other days it seems like the most important thing in the world.

Harumph. I need coffee. Then maybe the alien that is currently controlling my mood will be chased away by the excess of caffine and I can function properly again.

See you after my cuppa cuppa...


Welcome American Jade.
I've been busy tonight.

I've been to and fro church, taught the children's class, cancelled a web site, re-vamped another, created one from scratch, and whipped up a logo in Paint Shop Pro.

I'm bushed.

One of the things I did was to put Ragamuffin on hiatus. I've kept it up because I may go back to it one day, but to be honest it was just too much blasted work. It's a pretty simple site, but it was becoming more or less of a pain to update. I really wanted it to be a companion site to Perle Moon, and it was not gelling with me real well.
It is now in a nice little state of immortal limbo that readers can still peruse if they so wish.

Enter American Jade.

It's simple and elegant. I love it. It suits me now just right, and I hope you like it.

It's a journal, but of what I really can't say, not because I am being coy but because I just don't know. I'm sure it will be a variety of things. I am not going to include a comments box, because it has the feel to me of a more personal, private space. Of course everyone is invited to visit and read it, but for some reason the notion of a comments box just felt wrong. You'll see what I mean when you visit. I have, however, included a notify link on the index page, so if you want to be notified of any updates just click on the link and chant, "There's no place like home".

It's late. I'm done. I'm going to sleep, because remember? Tomorrow is the rescheduled TTTP day...
State of the Union Address
Last night I listened to the State of the Union Address on 640WGST Atlanta. This morning on the internet scene some are cheering, some are jeering, and others are saying nothing at all.

I'm reflecting.

The truth is I do not agree with everything President Bush has said, and I think it's silly for others to assume that I blindly follow him because I support him. I listened to the State of the Union Address last night, and I'm not going to go over it point for point because there are people who have done that far more detailed than I ever could. I have heard what he had to say, I know what he stands for, I have weighed the issues and I have made an informed decision of Bush/Cheney '04.

Frankly, it's going to be an interesting year of the Big Vote. It will be interesting to see who actually gets the Democratic nomination, although if I were still a Democrat I'd be thinking "slim pickings". Some of the more spectacular Democratic candidates are Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, and Wesley Clark. Al Sharpton is probably the most outspoken of the three, but I don't know if the Democrat leadership will be gutsy enough to award him the nomination. There is Wesley Clark, whose most prominent proponent of endorsement has been Madonna (uh, yeah) and who is now being backed by Michael Moore (censure in itself). Then we have Howard Dean, who I swear was manifesting the other night. Some may call pounding the air with fists, foaming at the mouth, and gutteral cries from deep within 'spunky', but ancient scripture refers to such behavoir as something else altogether. It was down right scary.

Trust me, it's not as if the we Republicans have all straight-shooting arrows in our camp, but at least our guy is already in the White House; it makes for less of a zoo.

I truly wish every candidate a happy and prosperous campaign. And, as far as the bulletin board front goes, I just pray we can all keep our wits and dignity about us and not turn this election season into a flaming war zone...
blogs blogs and more blogs...
If you notice your blog taken off of the page, don't panic: it's been moved to one of the blog lists.

There have been a lot of questions on the TWBB concerning the definition of a blog and blogging, so I put together the TWBB Bloggers list. I'm even considering making a page for the other blogs, considering there are many more I want to add and it's starting to look a little cluttered. I haven't made up my mind completely yet, but that's what I've been chewing on this morning.


The Friday Five-June 16, 2004
I know I'm a little late, but I've just discovered this courtesy of Lee's blog (thank you, Lee!) and it looks like a lot of fun. So, without further ado, here is my addition to the Friday Five!~~

1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails?

Hmm, I used to have one on my old address, but I don't remember what it was. Perhaps it's time to think of a new one and get it on those e-mails!

2. Did you have a senior quote in your high school yearbook? What was it? If you haven't graduated yet, what would you like your quote to be?

"Don't dream it~be it".

3. If you had vanity plates on your car, what would they read? If you already have them, what do they say?

I've been wanting to put 'Prinncess' on the Buick, but my husband has said absolutely NO way was he going to drive a car with that on the front. So, no vanity plates. However, if I ever find a decent airbrush shop I will get them to create for me an aquatic scene, compete with delphinidae.

4. Have you received any gifts with messages engraved upon them? What did the inscription say?

Nope. No gifts with engravings here.

5. What would you like your epitaph to be?

"Go home, she's not here. She's living it up with Jesus."

Gotta go! Have a good one!

The Battle Postponed For Another Day
Well, I've been spared a visit to the pediatricain, but not for reasons that are good; Peanut has a nasty case of the runs. She is feeling a little better, but the doctor's office will not give check-up vaccinations when the kiddies are ill, so I had to reschedule for Thursday.

I guess I'll put my shield away until then. I hear some of you chuckling, but trust me...it's no picnic to take my youngins to the doctor.

I also found out this morning that DT had thrown up sometime during the night. He's fine today, but his sheets were covered in it. How gross is that? Of course, being the hardy little boy he is, he could have cared less. As long as it didn't interrupt his some-time-during-the-wee-hours-of-the-night play time (a play time unbeknownst to us), then no big deal in his eyes.

It took me a good deal of the morning to clean them up and do the wash. Now, however, they are currently napping, so I took the time to tweak my blog a little bit and I must say I'm smashingly pleased. I've added a 100 Things About Me list, as well as a Cast of Characters so all you lovely people will know who I'm talking about half the time. The only drawback to all this, however, is that I find it utterly addictive.

Huh. As if we cross stitchers and stash collectors really know what that's like...
Into Battle We Go...
I've got my armour on and my helment is shining. My banners surround me, flying crisp and free against the blue of the sky. I am a warrior, bold and fierce. I am resolved to do what I need to do. I have spent long hours preparing myself, and I am ready.

Today, dear ones, is the dreaded TTTP, otherwise known as the Trip To The Pediatrician.

::::::::::: shifts the weight of the shield :::::::::::::::::

Pray for me.


The Same Ol' Same Ol'...
Well, I'm back to my 'old' look with new images. My new template lasted only 7 hours.

I think I now hold the record for the shortest blog change in history.

In honor of my geisha projects and my everlasting love of Oriental style, I thought it would be nice to honor them in my blog decor. I always thought 'Perle Moon' had a distinctive Asian flavor, and it goes very well with the new graphics.

I added a 'Geisha' section to my sidebar. This is for those who have helped inspire this new look by their ardent appreciation for Asian culture. Not one of them is Japanese; Jennie is from New Zealand and is about as Anglo as I am. She has this glowing pale skin, so she knows I mean no insult when I call us both "Miz Mayo's". Taneya is African-American, and has been blessed with the most gorgeous complexion I've ever seen. Laura is the closest to actually being Asian than any of us, as her mother is Chinese. I don't know if she speaks Chinese, or if she has even been to China, but she has been blessed with golden skin and almond eyes that I absolutely envy.

Well, that about wraps it up for me today. I have nothing of depth to say, nothing wise to ponder. I'm tired and in desperate need of caffine. I think I hear a mocha latte' calling my name, or at least humming my initals.

Adiosu, fair ones. Until myouchou.
The Shortest Love Affair I've Ever Had
The truth is, I've spent nearly five hours tinkering with this template, and after one minute of pure, unadulterated bliss I have now come to the conclusion that I don't really think I like it.

I didn't realize I could be so fickle.

Well Gentle Reader, this means that you could be seeing a variety of templates from me in the coming days until I get everything tweaked the way I want it. Or, I might stick with this one in hopes that the first love will be restored. Or, I could just give my old template the Oriental flair I'm in the mood for and leave it with that.

Ah, how much brighter the flame does burn when passion is running hot at its heels, all in the name of a funky blog template...

In the Mood
I'm feeling rather Oriental today.

Film at 11.

edit: Please forgive the wonkiness of the archives...as much as I like to pretend, I really don't know what I'm doing. Templates are not my strong point. Jennie, Haze, Annette, or any other web savvy person please apply...


Controversies and Misunderstandings
You know, I have thought long and hard about writing this post, mainly because there are a lot of people who read my blog who frequent the same needlework boards I do. The sweet, frosted side of me does not want to trespass netiquette and re-open old wounds, while my crunchy side, the one with all the fiber says, "Go for it".

Blame it on the gutsy chicken salad I had for lunch, because I'm "going for it".

Will someone please explain to me, why do people keep holding on to this imaginary thought there is a "topic police"? I really really really wish that concept would die. It's useless and annoying. Of course, I thought it *had* died, along with The Controversy, going the way of the wind like so many others have.

A little history: the whole 'labeling of threads' was not to censor of keep anyone from posting whatever they wanted, it was merely a suggestion made during a time when the subject matter of threads in a title were innoculous and tensions were flying high. Controversies were errupting all over the board. During a casual conversation with one of the mods, I made the suggestion that perhaps the labeling of threads might help people decipher the topic better, as well as identifying any hotbeds some might choose to otherwise ignore. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, good Gussie, you would have thought I suggested everyone fly the Stars and Bars over their heads and march down the street screaming "Dixie Land" at the top of their lungs for the way it was received. Along with the mods, I got accused of hating controversy, wanting to censor people, being a member of the "topic police", being stupid, babying people, being too politically correct (now, this one made me laugh. As a conservative Christian, I've been called many things but *never* politically correct!) and all kinds of idiotic things, blah blah blah ad nauseum. Fortunately, there were some even-thinking people who understood the principle behind the suggestion, whether or not if they agreed with the actual implementation. I never told them, but they meant so much to me during that time. I love that board, and I love the members, even the ones I disagree with on many issues. It really hurt to be the subject of such attack, but I thought it would help me grow a tougher skin.

Fast forward several months, and everything seems back to normal...or at least, I thought it was. Yes, I should be over it, and for the most part I am but I still get vastly annoyed when the term "topic police" comes up. Reading WG's blog this morning really sparked a fire in me I thought had died, but alas it had only quieted into a smolder.

Alas, it seems that tough skin of mine is not so tough after all. Looks like WG and I can both use a healthy dose of shoe-leather right about now. I feel for her. I feel for her very much. Many of the people on the needlework boards I have come to think of as friends. I have not met a single one of them, and yet I know their names, where they live, their children's names, their pets names, their passions, dreams, pains, and desires. I grieve with them when they ache and celebrate with them when they rejoice.

Nearly two years ago someone I was very, very close with was one of the BBers. I actually had the rare priviledge of speaking with her on the phone. Time passed, and she eventually became very cold to me (something she admitted to me at a later time), because she felt I did not want to have anything to do with her. This was certainly not true, but I had cut my computer time by 90% because I was pregnant with my second child and I was battling morning sickness. Being at the computer only amplified my yuckiness, so I just did not get on it. Before that time we used to e-mail each other several times a day, but due to work loads we had started cutting back our e-mails; life just happened. After I got pregnant, our e-mails became scarce, and now they are non-existent, all because of a misunderstanding. I don't blame her for feeling the way she did, but I did try to make amends. Things just fizzled after that, and I miss her. She does not post much anymore due to work pressures, but things will never be the same.

It's funny...I have not thought of this in a long time. It's interesting how focusing on thoughts of one subject can morph into thought on another. I'm not angry over the "topic police" anymore, just a little sad. Perhaps that whole thing was also born out of a misunderstanding of motives and intents. Are we, the human condition, really so quick to offend and be offended?

Yes, we are. We really are. With that realization, however, comes the hope that once the ailment is identified the medicine can be found and ingested, making us whole once again, ready to face other misunderstandings and disappointments...but, perhaps this time, with a much stronger constitution.

Perhaps that which does not kills us makes us stronger, after all.
Les Comments and Les Photos
Comments are back online for this moon muser. I've had an account with Haloscan for my journal, so I figured I would set it up here. I'm just sorry all the other comments got lost.

In other news: Perle Moon now has a Photos section! I've just finished uploading some pictures of my home, so please feel free to visit! I'll be adding family photos, cat photos, and various other sundries for your visual entertainment, so be sure and check back often.

P.S. Zena, anytime you want to fly a postcard to me, you just come on down! We have plenty of room.:)


Comments, Wherefore Art Thou?
I'm going crazy without the comments box. Does it make me pathetic to want, to desire, to *need* to have the comments back up and running?

Well. According to the other blogs I've read, if it does then I'm in very good company.
Blue suits my blog today...
...because I, in myself, am feeling a little blue. Not a muddy ol' navy blue to be sure, but more of a deep cobalt.

Normally, I would be able to snap out of the blahs fairly easily, but I think the combo of hormones and just plain tiredness is taking its toll. I'm unusually sensitive, and I find myself getting weepy at the most inoffensive of things. I know this is more the kind of post for the Ragamuffin, but my inner-geek does not feel like wading knee deep in HTML so I'm posting here.

Good old Perle Moon. How I love it.

I started keeping an on line journal because I wanted an outlet for my writer's soul. It all began with A Paler Shade of Pink, my very first journal which has transcended many forms and now lives in the prose of Tales of a Redhead Ragamuffin. Recently, I created Wavedancer, as a non-commital "get-away" place for myself; a vacation of blogs, if you will. Here we also have Perle Moon, which has become rather dear to my heart. Although I love them all dearly, I find I am trying to spread myself a little too thin, but I don't want to give any of them up.

Sometimes creativity can be wearying. And othertimes it's as invigorating as a cold spring shower first thing in the morning.

I read the blogs, and I laugh when the writers laugh. I cry with them when they are in pain. I puzzle with them through confusing situations, when they don't have the answers and are just waiting for life to move on. I pray for them. I have not met them, but many I have come to consider friends. I've teased Zena and Jennie about staying with them whenever Robert and I travel to New Zealand one day, but I find myself really quite serious about it. The blogs and journals I read are lives whose tapestries unfold before me with threads of gritty honesty and, in many ways, vunerablility. These lives are not inocculous things, but they belong to real people that love, laugh, and take the time to share a little part of themselves with the rest of us, the readers.

I'm tired, so I suppose I will take my leave for this morning. House work calls, as well as two little children and a husband who is home from work with a sore throat.

Keep bloggin', everyone!.


Peacock Tapestry progress
I thought I would take the time and load up a picture of what I have done so far on Peacock Tapestry:

I have no many ideas worth of hours this is, for I have given up attempting to count them long ago. I started this project December 17th, 2004 and I worked on it until the Dec. 21, so it's about 4 days of work.

The easiest part of Peacock Tapestry is done, done, done. Huzzah.

edited to add: I meant to say December 17th, 2003. Geekdom abounds.
A Post of a Different Color
As textile artists, color is more than just a hue. It becomes a palette of the human element.

Color is power.

Color is romance.

Color is fear.

Color is courage.

Think of the things that draw you. Your favorite flower, a sunset, the ocean, the mountains on a clear, cloudless day. Think of the things that repell you. Stinging insects, stinking swamps, brussel sprouts. Do you have something you wear that makes you feel powerful? Do you have something you wear that makes you feel secure?

Many factors contribute to these emotions, but I find color is one of the leading hanchos. Color has the ability to immediately affect our moods without us even realizing why we feel the way we do. It even influences our relation to the creatures around us.

Think of coral snake. This snake is highly venemous, and it has colors of red, yellow, and black bands surrounding it. Power colors. Strong colors. Colors not for the faint of heart.

Now think of mucas. Pretty disgusting first thing in the morning, but how many of us would go to the paint store and search out 'Mucas' green for our dining room walls? This is mainly because the color has become associated with a foul slimy thing that no one really wants to meditate on during their evening meal of brisket and baked potatoes.

My favorite flower is the rose, and although I have an affinity towards all roses, the pale pink rose is my favorite. It is soft, clean, and romantic. It makes me feel these things when I decorate my home with it. Many prefer the bold charisma of the red rose, or the bright happiness of the yellow.

While I do not take the application of color seriously ("if you don't like the color of your walls you can always repaint, no big deal"), I do take the effects of color in our lives. Color has the power to either build or destroy, however sublte. It's power comes in it's unobtrusiveness. Sometimes we feel edgy and we don't even know why; perhaps it is a store's harsh neon lights blaring down at us. Color not only affects our minds, but we actually 'see' different colors in different ways. It all hinges on how our brains translate color and, in effect, how it responds.

Do monochromatic color schemes bore or stimulate you? Do you prefer analogous color schemes? Do warm colors comfort you are make you edgy? Do cool colors refresh you or leave you cold? Which color combos entice you? Which ones do you abhor? The truth is, you can learn a lot about yourself by the mere colors you prefer.

Yesterday was dark, cold, and wet. I took the children out to Hobby Lobby, and I wore my most comfortable clothes. I felt warm and protected, and I realized it was not only the fibers of the clothing but the colors themselves that contributed to these feelings. I was wearing a soft pale pink hooded jacket, a heather gray oversized sweatshirt, long black skirt, and angora pale pink socks with denim sneakers a-la-Keds style. Sheer comfort. It struck me that these were my favorite colors of "comfort clothes" to wear. I love all colors, from the very bold to the very soft, but it was the combination of pink and grey that comforts me the most. It's as if the rainbow in me decides to take a day off and dons what can only be considered those colors that are the calmest, yet those that hint of something more.

Color Theory is a passion of mine. For those of you who share that passion or who just want to read more about the principles and properties of color, please visit Pantone. If you want to know about color, this is the place.

It is once again cold and wet outside, and I am once again in my beloved heather gray and pale pinks. A reflection of the weather outside, perhaps?

Maybe. But I say it's more of a relfection of what's inside.

Go on. Color your world.


For the Redhead Blog people...

..it's all real, baby!

redheaded youngins

redheaded cat

hubba hubba

Okay, okay, so the husband isn't a redhead, but gimmie a break...three out of four isn't bad!
Silkweavers Showcase 2003
One of the most delightful things I discovered upon my return to interneting was that one of my entries, Celtic Cross, had won 2nd place in the Small Catagory. How cool is that!:):):)

Behold la celtic cross:

The original colors are green, but I converted them to red. This is actually one cross I'm doing in a set of three for a bellpull for my brother. Both of us have an affinity to all things Celtic, and I am going to put a border around the three crosses and include the words "Cead Mille Failte", which means "100,000 Welcomes". It was supposed to be a Christmas present for him, but I did not get it finished in time. This year!:)

Some have inquired what prize I won, and to be honest I didn't know until the prize arrived at my door. Woohoo, such a rainbow of gorgeous colors my eyes have never before beheld! Each fabric was a 9 x 13 cut, perfect for small designs, samplers, or just keeping for huge swatch floss tosses! I am a major castle nut, so it is more than likely these little beauties will be saved for many of the Camelot Designs I own.

La fabbies:
Silkweaver Mini Solo, 28 ct evenweave, a purply-gray
Reflections Precious Metals, Belfast
Reflections Sparkling Sundown, Belfast
Reflections Skye, 28 ct Lugana
Reflections Antique White, 28 ct Lugana
Reflections Dew Drop, Cashel
Reflections Royal Shimmer, Belfast
Expressions Inferno, 32 ct Lugana
Expressions Days Gone By, Belfast
Reflections Sparkling Interlude, 32 ct Lugana
Secrets of Nature Rainkissed, Belfast

Needless to say, I'm jazzed. The Inferno and Sparkling Sundown are simply awesome. If I am able to get a pic of them I will post, but of course you can go to Silkweaver and check them all out.

Fabrics, lot of them...whahooootie!


I'm back!!
I'm back in the land of blogging...whahooooo!!

I won't recap everything that's happened, but if you want a little taste of it I did indeed update my Ragamuffin journal. It's not very explicit either, but it does help give you a little clue as to what's been happening of late.

Well! What do you think of my new duds? Hmmm, methinks I want to go to the Carribbean, yes? All those lovely blues! I was going to go with a traditional "winter" look, but I decided something a tad more oceanic would suit me just fine. Spill over from Wavedancer, I guess.

A couple of very cool things have happened on the stitching front, which I will tell you as soon as I've updated the rest of my blog. Fear not, dear readers, I will see you in a few moments...

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