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Braved the Stores and Lived to Tell About It.
Last night: Target. Hobby Lobby. Michaels. Crowds. No parking. Yuck.

This morning: Headache. Slight throbbing. Owie.

Benefit: Christmas shopping done. Fini. Ovah. Happy sigh.

And I can't believe this is happening: after touting my resolve to my new stick-withit-ness in regards to my stitching projects, I have found a very old WIP I forgot I had of the Lady of Shalott. It's one complete border block, and it is absolutley stunning.

Needlework: Resolve is crumbling. Weak in the knees. Strength is fading with the morning light...


Back In The Saddle Again
Still struggling with the flu, but since not everyone is thrilled with the recourse of sore throats and snot rags, I will spare you the details and just say that I am, indeed, doing much better than I was, thank you.:)

Just one word of advice: never attempt to stitch a Silver Lining pattern over one when you are sick, no matter how small it is. Trust me on this. I'm not entirely sure the attempt had nothing to do with prolonging my illness, so there you go.

In other stitching news, I am elated to say that I have been the recipient of a very kind gesture from someone known on the TWBB as A Stitching Friend. I have seen this person bless others with annonymous gifts of sundry stash, but I never dared to dream it would happen to me. When I got a package in the mail from Needlecraft Corner the other day, I was stunned to see it contained Lavender & Lace's newly released Celtic Autumn and a fat quarter of hand dyed Cashel. I just stared at them, unbelieving. In the throes of my flu, here was a gift that was a balm for me far beyond any cold medicine I could take. The card that came with the supplies was merely signed, "From A Stitching Friend".

Needless to say, I bawled like a baby and it was not the cold talking.

These items were the exact things I said I wanted in a thread regarding Christmas stash. Someone asked what would be the one item everyone wanted for Christmas, and Celtic Autumn was mine. I put in parentheses (with fabric!:)), and lo and behold, I got with fabric! It just goes to show people do indeed pay attention to what is said in threads, and I am all the more blessed for it.

A Stitching Friend, I do not know who you are, but I send you big cyber hugs and kisses for your kindness. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I have already started stitching Celtic Autumn, but in a complete color conversion. When I get the border finished I'll post my progress.

The other piece I have started is TW's Peacock Tapestry. I've had plans to start this for over a year, but due to the fact that I hold titles in the divisions of the World's Most Fickle Stitcher and the World's Most Undisciplined Stitcher, I did not want to start a project that huge and then cast it aside like so many other pieces in the past. But nope, not this time: I've cut everything down to three pieces and that's it: Celtic Autumn, Peacock Tapestry, and Mystery VI. Until one of those is finished, no new starts. I have to do this; this hobby is just too expensive to keep buying stash that never gets finished!
A side note: Dani's and Emily's gorgeous birds sent me over the edge, so I'll blame the attempt at this insane project on them.

Truth be told, I'm finding the stitching of this much easier than expected, but I have done some major organization. I've got two boxes: a big one to hold the DMC colors from the floss list and specialty threads, and a small one for blends. I have pre-blended a card for each symbol, and placed them in the little box in order of the floss list on the chart, so it is very easy to pull up which symbol I need. I've also taken my chart and highlighted the backstitching around the main tree: pink highlighter for the pears, blue highlighter for the pear leaves, and purple highlighter for the branches, stems, and trunk. I will be using yellow highlighter when I stitch these items, so it will not color over the backstitching marks. It's *amazing* how much clearer those pears are now!

A lot of work, perhaps? You betcha, but I know I am going to thank myself for all the trouble once I hit those pears and leaves, yesireebob!

Pictures soon to follow...for now, I hear the clink and clang of a washing machine that begs to be emptied of its contents.


No, I'm Not Dead...
...but the way I've felt the past few days I almost wish I had been.

I am currently getting over a severe, nasty case of The Crud, otherwise-known-as the 'flu'.

'Flu' my foot. Nothing has stuck to me more like glue in my life.


Schroeder Incognito
BTW, I took a really cute quiz today I found on Fyre's blog.

Here are the results:

Which Peanuts Character Are You?

Well, whaddaya know...I'm Schroeder incognito! Hmm...acurate or no? LOL!

Welcome Myarchipelago!
Well, I've been busy.

I have finally taken the plunge and set up a domain for all of my web sites. I didn't realize I had so many, but I got tired of having a bunch of links floating around. I guess I'm just lazy, but in this case that is a good thing for out of it Myarchipelago was born.

Should I tell you about it? Sure, I won't keep you in the dark. It's the place to find the links for my journal, my paintings, my blog, and a new little place to play I came up with, but I'll just let that unfold when you visit.

I hope you like it.

Well, 'nuff said. I really have to get over this cold or it is just going to make me miserable.

Bah humbug...


Thanks To The Newest Member
Okay, kids, apparently, the TWBB has a new member whose ezboard name is "toomanycrybabies". And, no, I do not believe s/he is referring to the amount of children in his/her home.


::::::: feeling cheeky :::::::::

Giggle! *snort*

I'm not really making fun of anyone, I'm just having a bit of fun. The truth is, I may get irritated with people, but all in all the communities I frequent really are like a family: we bicker, we make up, we fuss, we have fun, and we all STITCH. I really believe that if push came to shove there is not one stitcher on that board that would not help me in any way she or he could.

Actually, I want to be serious for a moment and say that I have to thank you, 'toomanycrybabies'. Your very presence has helped put things in perspective for me, and I honestly appreciate that. I think we all need our perspectives to get an alignment check every now and then.:)

:::::::::::::: wondering if WG has seen this.... ::::::::::::::::::::


And The Countdown Begins...
BOOM, Baby!!

Only 23 more days until Chatelaine's Mystery VI is uploaded! Woohoo!

:::::::::::::::: rushing off to make sure supplies are in order ::::::::::::::::::::


Su, I Love It!
Oh my goodness, Su, your blog looks absolutely smashing!!! Okay, time for me to entertain blog envy, you cheeky thang...:):)

Oh yes, and I actually got a new entry up at the Ragamuffin!

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