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An Honorary Brit
I'm relating really well with my Bristish stitching sisters today. Perhpas it was the years I lived in Kingston-Upon-Thames that is resurfacing. Somedays I miss England terribly.

Diatribes and Hissy Fits
Okay, perhaps it is something in the air, but I feel I need to go on a little diatribe myself.

I guess it's the mood I'm in.

As posted previously, I have just gotten back from another Trip Around the Blogs and I have to say something has gotten under some skins, and I don't blame them for being a little huffed. It seems someone is picking on something somewhere that has some good people irritated and I thought, in my present state and mood, that I'd join the fray. Perhaps it's not very pacifist of me, but oh well.

Someone once refered to cross stitching (or needlework in general) as merely 'paint-by-numbers'. On the one hand that is a compliment, because I have seen some really gorgeous and intricate paint-by-numbers out there in Artist land! On the otherhand it's an insult, because it implies the stitcher is just dumbly following a pattern that takes no artistic skill whatsoever to create.

Well, blegh on that. I like to think of needlework as mosaic tapestries that not only provide beauty but also satisfies the basic priniciple of a form providing function. It also gives everyone, whether they be painters or no, the chance to truly create something beautiful that adorns their walls. It is ancient art in the purest.

I know not everyone is going to dig needlework; everyone has their own opinions. Fine. But how come some slob can get government grants, smear themselves with chocolate, and "perform" The Return of the Chocolate Covered Woman where the audience can lick the chocolate off her that is supposed to represent feces and that--(breathe)-- is considered ART while my stuff is seen as "that little thing?" *huff* I certainly agree with Lauren that what some deem as artwork is nothing more than over-financed, over-blown garbage: a cross in a jar of urine comes to mind, or a goldfish in a blender. Say what you want about it, it's still garbage. I haven't heard the one about the mutilated sheep, but that's also up there with How Bad Can Taste Be, along with the freak doctor of whatever he is who displays human and animal cadavers--stripped of their skin, mind you.

How hellish.

Well, my rant is over. I think I will go bake some cookies for tonight's Fall Festival (this ragamuffin does not celebrate Halloween, thank you very much) and drink a Coke. Nothing soothes my nerves better than prayer and a good Coke.

Maybe I'll even eat some chocolate. I may even give a Hissy Fit a go. Linn described it so well, it seems a pity not to have a whirl.

Another Trip Around the Blogs
Hey, everyone, Lookin' Good!:)

I've noticed new blogs cropping up, new skins being adorned, and all around creativity flowing like new wine. I must say, it makes me happy to be involved in such an enterprising bunch.

Who ever said stitchers were boring? Whoever did obviously could not look beyond the needle.

Thank God it's Friday
It's morning, and Thank God for it. Last night was so stressful I just wanted to throw up my hands and say, "Okay! I take it back! I can't do this after all!"

Ever have one of those days where not only do you wonder why you ventured into this 'mother-thang', but you even doubt your ability to function as a plain ol' adult? Yep. Meet Stacey a la Prin.

Nothing was simple. Nothing was ordianary. Yes, I know we are going to have those kind of days, so don't get me wrong. I count my blessings, and I know these are just trials God gives us. Little tests, you could say. I just sometimes wish I didn't have to keep failing the same test over and over and over, ad nauseum...

Oh well...I guess that means one of these days I'll actually *pass* the test, and remain calm in stressed-out situations.

I hope so!

Note to Su: Rock on, baby. I know exactly where you are saying on the artist thing. Remember that it's your journey, and you travel it how you see fit.

Heh. Take *that*, all ye meddling gremlins.


Fall Into Autumn
I've been dreaming about pumpkin pie all week, so I decided to slip my blog into something a little more Autumnal, A-La-pumpkin colors.

Have a piece on me. Just hold the Egg Nog.

Don't worry...you'll see the plum template back in the Spring.


There's a new entry up at the Ragamuffin:

Home At Last

The Whole Shebang
Why do I keep a blog and a journal? It's quite simple, actually. My journal reflects my day-to-day happenings, my "normalcy", if you will. It records my life as it happens. My blog contains little snippets of each day, more or less what I'm thinking at that moment. If my life was a sundae my journal would be the ice cream and my blog would be the chocolate topping. If you want just the cream, go for the journal. If you want the chocolate, stick with the blog. If you want the whole sundae, read them both.

That pretty much sums things up.:)

A Blog is Worth a Thousand Words
It's fascinating to me the various sundries that abound in this cyberworld known as 'blogs'. Each one is different as the person that pens it, and each gives an insight into the personality behind the words.

Each blog that I read is like a mirror into the soul. Whether the writer is aware or not, the contents and presentation of the blog or journal speaks volumes, perhaps more loudly than the words of the author herself--or himself, whichever the case may be. Chosen colors, fonts, graphics, all weave together to tell a story about the person who created it.

I suppose that is why I have been such a blog junkie lately; browsing them is like looking at little bits of twinkling creativity thrown into cyberspace. I bet some bloggers had no idea they were so artistic.

Beginning of 'The Artist's Way'
I have embarked on the journey known as The Artist's Way, and I was able to make a few notations last night. One of the things I discovered was that I have never been uncomfortable calling myself an artist. After reading the Introduction, I realized my motives for exploring this path are a little unconventional. I'm not branching in this direction for 'typical' reasons (and I use that term very loosely). The truth is, I have no problem acknowledging or releasing my creativity; I've always been this way. I could draw before I could write, very well actually. I've always had a flair for the dramatics, which led me to pursue (and achieve) a Bachelor of Arts is Theater. I love to write, and I've found quite the venue in journaling. Situations as they were, I have even written and directed my very own play that I truly believe was the will of God for me to do. Problems with creativity? Nope. Not me.

All that said, I want you to notice I am speaking of 'conventional' genres of creativity. These are modes that produce tangible, physical results. You can touch my paintings. You can read my words. You can watch my play. The areas of blockage I want to shake lose are those that effect my relashionships with others. I want to be able to live in my creative state, not just slap it on a canvas and leave it to dry.

I am a Christian and the one business Jesus called us to make our own was souls. Living, breathing, precious souls that live inside those we communicate with everyday. The teller who takes my money at the bank, the baker who hands me cakes from behind the baking case, the secretary who tells me to wait at an appointment---those are all wonderful souls waiting to be talked to, loved, and respected. How can I share what Christ has done for me when I don't know "what to say"? How can I share a burden with someone who is hurting when I search for words that do not come? How can I rejoice for someone's blessing when my own receptor is switched off?

I want the creativity within me to flow into communication. Without pure communication, open and honest, there is nothing. There is no love, no joy, no peace. The amazing thing about my conversion to Christ was the complete awareness of who He really was, the Great Creator Himself. It was the ability to embrace Someone wholly and completely, with no reservation or holding back. This is how I want to be with people, completely transparent and effervescence. No hiding, no walls. The only true way to get to know people is to allow them to get to know you. Only then can trust and friendship be established, even if your meeting with them lasts 15 minutes. For me, that is pure creativity in motion.

I do find, however, that there are some aspects of the book that I can do without. Not because I am afraid of it or don't understand it, but because I have already lived it. For those reasons, I will recall a philosophy I employ almost daily: "Take what you can use and leave the rest". That, my dear friends, works for me.:)


A Homeless Homeowner
Well, I'm off in about 30 minutes to close on our homes. I will be homeless for about 15 minutes, and then I'll be a proud homeowner. How wild is that.

See you soon!


Autumn Awakenings
I've got a new entry up on the Ragamuffin:

Autumn Awakenings

All comments apply here. Enjoy!


"Spellcheck's Are Not Just For Decoration"
Note to self: Never send an e-mail without running it through spellcheck. "Greetingss" is not the correct way to address someone and be taken seriously.

I think I will go bury my head deep in the sand, now. If I can't see them then maybe they can't see me.

Of course, I could always say I was trying my artistic wings and was flaunting the conventional rules of spelling.

Nah...what a copout. I guess I'm either just a crummy speller or I type to fast. Of course knowing myself, both could apply.


Tales of the Comment Box
Okay, here's the final deal on the Comments box for my journal: it's not happening.

Try as I might, I can't get the problem fixed, so here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to post here whenever there is a new entry on the Ragamuffin. Then, if you really feel pressed to make a comment, that entry will have it's own little place here on *this* blog to do so. It's inconvinient, it's a pain, but hey--I love, adore, and feed off of comments so just do it! Yes, I'm shallow. So comment.

See...I told you I was a freak.
Is It Schizophrenia or Merely a Mood Change?
I've been reading back through some of my entries, and I must ask: do I really sound like that much of a freak? I guess I'm just in one of my 'quiet' moments and everything else seems painfully loud.

Oh well...it takes all kinds.
A Perle of a Heading
Well, I did it. I'm so tickled I just about can't stand it.

I know I know, I said I wouldn't talk about HTML anymore for a while, but too bad...I'm fickle.:)

I wanted to keep the heading with the same feel of my journal, but I could not find any of Mucha's paintings that worked. Alas, how could I forget William Godward, one of the greatest painters to ever live? I dipped into my files, found this beauty ("Noonday Rest", one of may very favorites), zapped the color, and--voila!--a heading is born.

The colors in this peice are simply stunning, but I thought the simplicity of a black and white rendering would suit the blog better. Who knows, I may show her in all her blazing glory once Spring blooms. For now, we'll keep it subtle.

To quote a phrase from that determind, lovely, and ever-perky Lisle Von Trapp, "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

to be continued...
A Stand-ing Problem
There's a problem with the way the comments are set up on my journal, and I have to figure out how to fix it. So far it has given me nothing but a runny nose and a headache, so I'm saying 'later!' to that project for the moment.

Another annoying project...how in tar-nation can I get a picture in my heading instead of just text??? You see? I'm mastering basic HTML for my web site, but don't even ask me how to manage this dang-blam blog!

Note to Nicole: you bet, baby! I'm signing up for Mystery VI on Tuesday. Woohoo!

I have another dilemma, which involves stitching (thank goodness no more HTML stories for the moment! Huzzah). I have one of my pieces in a scroll rod, but I just don't get into it. I am a Q-snap kind of girl, but I want to use the scrolls because I like to bead as I go. Watergarden and Mystery IV both have a *lot* of beads, but this is the bottom line: I don't like using my scrolls. Period. They are bulky (even with a stand) and time consuming. I also like my fabric drum tight, and I'm not getting that from the scrolls either. You know, I feel like I need to like my scrolls, as if there is some kind of unwritten stitching law that boldly proclaims, "Ye Must Use Scrolls!"

I'm trying, but I'm just not 'getting it'.

There's also the money aspect. I mean, these babies aren't cheap. I have two sets, both large enough to accomodate fat quarters. I even have a Gazelle 2 stand that I am more in love with the 'idea' of using it than 'actually' using it.


I guess on review of my stitching style, I like to sit down in a particular position, grab up my stitching, and go. Unfortunately, the scrolls and stand don't fit into that mold. Hmm.

Perhaps I should consider selling. The problem is, all the stitchers I know already *have* these items, or ones they like.

Hmm, what to do, think think think...

Oh, one more thing: I put a link to my paintings on the main page of my journal. One of these days I'm going to upload them to my domain, but for right now they can stay put where they are. I can only handle so much uploading/downloading/freeloading/blahblahblah in one week.


Claire's Dreamboat
eheheheheheheh eheh heh heh!

I just uploaded an entry that Claire (Seahorse67) might find interesting. I wonder if she even reads journals.

the Mr. Beans

:::::::::::: snicker ::::::::::::::::

having fun!

On the stitching front, I bought a new Ott light today. Yay! Now I can actually see that gorgeous Chatelaine I'm stitching!

One downfall, though...it makes my cheeks warm. I didn't realize what a powerful little electronic it was. I hope I can get used to that, for I sure like the way it lights up my stitching.


An HTML Tart
I have been around, but I have been buried beneath a sea of HTML.

I *love* it! I can't believe it, but I really really do. I'm totally smitten. It's as if a whole new language has opened itself up to me. I'm still very much a novice, and I know so very little, but we all have to start somewhere.

I've changed my title description back to It's A Stitching Thang, because that's what this blog was primarily created for. I am working on my home site that will contain a journal of topics that don't fit the "mood" of this blog. I will talk about my stitching here, and other things there...simple. It's also my 'home base', a place where to anchor myself on the internet.

I guess I've discovered I have a computer geek living in me after all.:)

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

C'est moi!


A Quick Note
In my attempt to be hip and cutting edge, I tried to align the blog links in the form of a crescent moon, with the longest link at the top and the shortest at the bottom. In theory, this would "meet up" with the bulletin board links and form a smooth, near-perfect crescent that readers would stand back and sigh in awe, "Wow! What creativity!"

Well, it ended up looking like the links had consumed far too much Mad Dog 20/20, so I scrapped that idea.

Then it hit me--what if I line them up from smallest to largest? I have been wanting a cleaner look for my blog and this seemed the perfect solution.

Well, upon seeing the finished result, all I can do is quote the grave words of that intrepid adventurer Emporer Kuzko, "Me no likee".

I suppose that will prove me not to try to wrestle with the blog at 2 am in the morning.

I'll be back later to try to sort them out, perhaps this time alphabetically. Of course, I may just throw the names in a hat and post them in whatever order the hat chooses. I don't know which way I'll go, but I do know this: it's my son's birthday celebration today and I will definitely be stuffing myself with cake and ice-cream.

I'm sure the links won't mind.


5 Years of French and Still No Clue
Well! It seems 'perle' is actually the French spelling for our English word 'pearl', and not just an needlework fiber. Who knew?

By the by, I just sent a link of this site to my husband. He can read all about my inner musings for himself, and walk away with knowing how weird his wife really is.:b
Hah. That's just not going to happen, because I'm not weird at all; I'm not that interesting.


To Blog or To Journal, Dat Is Da Question...
I have been tossing around an idea for the past couple of days, and I want to hash it out here for a while.
I've been debating on setting up this blog in a journal format, aka it's own web site. I have had on line journals in this format before, and I loved them...but there were cons, many of which sent me a'bloggin' in the first place.
One of the reasons I have been kicking this idea around is that in the mere weeks I have indulged in this blog I feel I have outgrown the space it offers. What I mean by that is that I am wanting to expand with graphics, logos, more links, ecetera ecetera and to try that here is beyond the scope of my HTML knowledge. God has blessed me with a strong voice, artistic talent, and the appreciation of a good Coca Cola, but He did not have me standing in line when He dished out the gift for understanding computer-speak. The very fact that I have been able to tinker with the blog as I have is a miracle. I have no inner computer geek, I only have guesses and those guesses seemed to work out. What I've managed to do is very simple, very basic, and I still have no clue how I did it.

Okay, let's get on with it. I am going to go over the cons of a blog-to-journal transfer, mainly because I like to get the negative stuff out of the way.
Les Cons:
1) Having a journal on my web site would mean doubling the work for me in regards to archiving, linking, and over-all maintenance. This is a huge pain in the patoot.
2) I would be losing the Comments box, something I really really *really* don't want to do. The Comments keep me connected with readers and it's a ready source of communication. I could set up a guestbook, but it doesn't have the same "ring", if you know what I mean.
3) Everyone would have to update their links *again* for me, and I hesitate to ask them to do that, considering I've already had them do it once! Frankly, I don't want to become a nuisance.

Okay, with the yukkies out of the way we can explore the Pros!
Les Pros:
1) I can be as creative as I want to be. This is a HUGE pro for me.
2) I read a lot of blogs, but due to self-imposed space constraints I only have a few listed here. If I had the web space, I could have an entire *page* dedicated to all the blogs (although Su gets high snaps and is the undisputed champ for her awesome list of blogs!). I have to admit, this is very appealing.
3) The journal can be as large or as small as I want it to be. I can section everything off, play with logos, and all around satisfy that inner computer geek that I pretend lives deep down somewhere.
4) The ones I've had in the past seemed to 'suit me'. I feel the set up would suit Perle Moon quite nicely.

Anyway, there you go. I know I have one more Pro than Con listed and that should pretty much tip the barrel, but the first Con is worth two Pros so I'm pretty much breaking even.

Well. Perhaps if I play around with some logos I'll remember all the hard work and say, "Forget it". Then again, maybe I'll remember how fun it was and go whole hog into a new site.

Who knows? I'm tired. I think right now I just want to slide into bed and sleep on it.


Get Thee Away, Thou Procrastinate Thou
Sometimes I feel like a Buzz Lightyear that has just been pulled from the package. I am not who I think I am.

This, my friends, is not necessarily a bad thing.

I think I'm a woman who is trying to stay afloat in a sea of home-grown martyrdom. In relality, I am a woman who has ample time and tools to accomplish what needs to be done throughout the day. The problem is not the 'who', it's the 'what'.

The 'what' is a bad case of plain old procrastination.

Par example: when the laundry is finished, it takes far less effort to pull it out of the dryer and put it away then it does to leave it "until later". "Until later" usually comes after the clothes are cold and wrinkled beyond repair, which means doubling the wash chores with ironing or flipping them back into the pile for another go-round with the washer. Both waste time and energy, not to mention money for soap and water usage. Truth be told, laundry is my never-ending nemisis which is never as bad as it seems once I get up and take control.

If you really want to be wasteful, go ahead---procrastinate. It is a time-eater with a belly that's never full. I know, I meet it and battle it everyday. There are some days I take up my sword and beat it senseless, sending it whimpering to it's cave. There are other days I embrace it with a white-hot passion, rolling in the things I want to do rather than the things that need to get done. It is the latter days, however, that leave me listless and feeling really, really gross about myself. This does not breed good things.

I am learning to conquer the Monster Procrastinate, but it takes some of us longer than others. It's usually the realization that I'm really an efficient person living in a procrastinater's body that gets the juices flowing.

I just swept the front porch. Boy, that sure felt good.
A Case of Writer's Blog
I'm not feeling well this morning and the gift for gab has temporarily flown the coop. It's either from lack of sleep or those donuts I had at midnight, but either way I'm not my usually springy self.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a spastic person, although some of the comments I've made may lead you to think that. I'm actually pretty reserved, and can be quite shy (although no one would ever guess that; my major was Theatre, and it comes in very handy at times). Of course, some people are naturally shy towards people, while others tend to hide behind a veil of pride that makes them not want to deal with anyone. If I may be so vunerable to admit, I have moments where I float in-between, depending on my mood or physical state at the time. I think most of us have fallen in that slot at one time or another. Sometimes I just don't know what to say and other times if I have to smile at one more person I'll just want to throw up.

Well. God is working on me, and He has brought me miles from where I was. I still have miles to go to get to who I want to be, but that is all part of the journey. To be more Christ-like is a wonderful thing, but it takes time if you live it in the practical here-and-now. I don't want a cookie-cutter, Sunday-only walk; no sireebob, I want the Real Deal and that will take time and patience. It may even take getting over myself and curl those lips up into one more smile for the sake of simple politeness.

It also may mean learning a little moderation and laying off the donuts at twelve AM .

Blegch. I'm off to take another Pepto Bismol.


I Know, I Know...
...it's been a few days, don't chew me out. It's been busy, then it's been calm, it's been hectic, it's been wonderful, it's been busy again...all excuses, I realize, but things happen. Life is short.

And so is this entry.

I'm soooooooooo tired, but since I have not blogged lately I felt I must before I started getting questioning e-mails. I'm pretty timely about keeping current, and to go more than a day without an entry tends to make some people nervous, and I bless them for it. I have been extremely surprised and honored to discover the amount of readers that actually take interest in my ramblings, and for that I am truly humbled. I will try not to disappoint.

On the stitching front, I am still chuggin' away on Mystery IV, and I got my Watergarden kit today. Whahoo! Chatelaine, O Chatelaine, What Hast Thou Done To Me, Chatelaine? If you have not seen any of Martina's amazing designs, pop on over to the Chatelaine bulletin board and take a look. Her bellpulls are nice, but it's the Mandala Gardens that sets my pulse racing. The colors, the imagry, and the style has yet to be surpassed.

I found a picture of Sean Bean as his character 'Boromir' and sent it (via e-mail, bien sur) to a friend that lives in the UK (hi, Claire!). I have to say, I had never really thought about him one way or another until I saw this picture. He's really quite dishy. If I find the time I'll upload it, but I fear the drool factor might come into play and I'll get slammed with e-mails complaining about short circuits and messed up keyboards, so I may refrain. We'll see.

Of course, no one can touch my husband in the looks department. You all would howl and scream if you saw this good looking sucker. Of course, I am a bit partial, but so what---all wives should think they married the best hunk of man that ever walked. Such is love.:)

Well, this entry is not as short as I thought, but I'm an outgoing and a wanna-be-writer, and that makes me one of the gabbiest women around.

See you on the morrow!


Roll the Bones
Last night I had a dream about a new rotation method. I had one shiny, pearl-like die that I rolled, and whatever number it landed on that was the piece I would stitch on for the week.

Well, since I only have a few projects that I am actually working on, I think I am going to give this method a try. All I have to do is get ahold of a die, number my projects, and then give it a whirl.

Simple. Uncomplicated. Leaves the headache of decision to others.

Works for me.:)


A Malted Milk Morning
Okey-dokey, I've got the new code for my comments box nestled nice and snug in my template so I shouldn't lose anymore comments. Thanks Harry for getting this mess worked out!:)

I have just finished the most delicious glass of Chocolate Malted milk. I tell you, chocolate flavoring can make almost anything taste wonderful. Except maybe brussel sprouts (eww).

I am going to Barnesville to visit my parents, so I don't know how much writing I will get in today. Oh well, I suppose a little is better than none at all, or so the saying goes, but I don't know how much stock I put in that; a little bit of liver and onions is *not* better than none at all, but I suppose I digress.

Stitching news: Chatelaine's Mystery IV will become my focus piece this week. I plan to finish Part 1 and get a scan up sometime next week. I also have plans for Watergarden, Mystery VI, and Convent's Herb Garden when it is made available to the public. I think I have turned into a silk floss junkie. I wish they made bed sheets out of Waterlilies. I don't think I'd ever get out of bed.

Despite my newfound passion for silks, I am still and ever will be the Lady of the Golden Thread: give me my Prisms/Kreiniks/Sulky Sliver Threads anytime, anywhere, and any project.
If it glimmers and glitzes, I'm there, baby!

Oh, yes, a big congratulations to Ah-nold. I bet the video rental sales of Conan the Barbarian skyrocket this week.


A Needle Pulling Thread
Welcome Terri! Another awesome stitcher with another cool blog...life is good.:)

::::: fa!...a note to follow sew!... ::::::

Shades of Fall
I have now slipped into my fall color scheme for da blog, all wonderful shades of mulberry. If I could provide a scented candle for you olfactory satisfaction, I would.


Today began crummy and is rapidly spiraling into yukky. All of it, my fault.

I have a tendency for depression, so I am trying not to be too hard on myself and keep things in perspective. You know, none of the "I'm-a-complete-failure-at-motherhood-wifery-all-around-human-being" type of jazz that usually accompanies an episode. I do not like to operate on my feelings, for feelings usually taint what is really the truth. Unfortunately, this is one of those days when feelings want to rule the roost.


My brand-spankin' new glasses are not ready yet. The receptionist told me they would be ready "some time this evening". Okay, is that some time *your* evening, or some time *my* evening, which begins at 5 o'clock Eastern Standard Time? What is the definition of *your* evening, anyway? The store closes at 8pm, so does that mean they will be ready some time in the evening *after* 8pm, therefore being ready for physical purchase some time tomorrow *morning*?
Of course, instead of voicing my concern in said questionaire, I just blinked and mumbled, "Um, sure. Okay".


As far as my knitting goes, I was able to knit six fluffy mulberry rows last night. Everything looked wonderful. On closer expection, however, I found a few unattractive dropped threads that I have no clue how to fix.


Oh, and I hate my husband's keyboard. It sticks, it fusses, and it causes more mispelled words than I could ever do on my own. BLAGGGHH!

::::::::::::::::::::::: sigh :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Enough of this blather. God is still good. Just because I have a few problems does not mean I am going to blame Him. Are you kidding? He's the One that enables me to even get my sorry self out of bed each morning. Thank Him for the Comforter!

And Suz, I pray Pancho comes home. I know you are going crazy not knowing where that little ferret is.


More Kids on the Blog...
Annette and Erin now have blogs! Hot dog!
When Annette wondered via the Mirabilia board one time if anyone would read a blog she started, I gave a whole-hearted "You bet, Sistah!" Soooooooo, I intend to keep up with my end of the bargain, and I will be a major pain in the patootie if I find her slacking on her entries.:)
I was glad to see Erin get one up and running as well; we need more Georgia Peaches around here. It's nice sometimes to read about places I've actually been (although I might surprise you; I am very well traveled).

I just got back from Hobby Lobby, complete with chenille mulberry pillows and size 11 circular bamboo needles. The yarn I purchased to go with said needles (the ever-soft TLC from Red Heart) is a gorgeous shade of berry. As you can see, I am in Autumn-mode, and nothing but the richest fall colors will do.

Autumn Romance for cross stitch, Autumn berries for knitting, mulberry pillows of the softest chenille...hmm, I definitely like where this is going.

Oh, one more thing...I'm getting my new glasses tomorrow! Huzzah. I think I must post a picture for all to see. They may not be to everyone's liking, and then again they may make everyone green with envy. Either way, you'll get to see what I look like and (for better or for worse) at least you can put a face to the blog.:)

See ya on da flip side!
Post Script
For the record, I do check each and every blog in my links every day. I like to read, I like to write, and I like to read what other people write. It's not complicated, it may be nosy, but there you go.:)

Welcome, Taneya and Angi!
Glad to see Taneya has joined the blogging world! Last week Angi set up her Faery Glade, and today I discover Taneya's Weblog. Both of them moderate forums on the Mirabilia Bulletin Board, which I set up some time last December.
Wow...has it been that long already? Yeesh. Where has the year gone?

I started my weekly rotation again. I am faaaaaaaaar to undisciplined to track hours, so I do it simply: I rotate projects from Sunday to Sunday. I also keep my works-in-progress down to a minimum, so I'm not swamped with projects. After all, I actually *like* to finish something once in a while!
Right now I'm still pluggin' away on Autumn Dreams. I should be finished sometime this week, unless the hardanger takes me hostage and I am unable to dish out the ransom money. If that happens, it may be a while before I can move on to anything else.

Well, I s'pose I had best go write the check for lunch. I took the healthy route and ordered pizza with extra cheese and half banana peppers from Papa John's for les children and myself. No, I am not pregnant-- I just have an deep affection for mild peppers of all affiliations. Ta!


On Small Step For Stitching, One Giant Leap Pour Moi
Well! I need to get to bed. It is indecently late for me to be up at this hour (it's later here than it seems), but I wanted to at least get in one little entry before my date with Mr. Snooze.

As far as the knitting front goes, I have taught myself to cast on and the knit stitch. I am currently in knit-stitch heaven, plodding along at a nice pace. I have no idea what I am making (I like to think it is an afghan, but time will tell), but I find it very soothing. I also find it much more condusive to child-rearing when the children are actually up from naps and needing to be reared. Cross stitch is far too finicky to have out when two children under the age of four are romping about, and as the knitting stays snug on my circular needles I can put it down and pick it up with the ebb and flow of motherhood. Nice thing, this.

Another conquest on the stitching front is my ascent into hardanger. I actually worked something cut, lacy, and exquisite from A Victoria Sampler's Autumn Romance. The portion I worked on does not look *exactly* like the top bar of the pattern, but so what---it is close enough to pass muster. I am happy just to have my first cutting experience turn out so well. I was quaking in my socks as my scissors met thread, but now that I can actually follow directions I'm not quite as nervous as I was.
Of course, wait until I hit the kloster blocks...then we'll see if la braggadocio holds strong.


Checking In
I'm back! I've got my circular needles, my instruction book, some fabulous autumnal yarn, and I'm ready to go.
Gee, if I get good at this perhaps I should change the name of my blog to 'Purl' Moon! *hyuck! hyuck*!

I Always Knew I Was A Knit-Wit
Okay, Knit-people, get ready...I'm about to get my hot little hands on a pair of knitting needles! The hook has bait and I'm ready to bite. Woohoo!

Now, whether or not I can actually *knit* anything is still yet to be seen. I guess I will need to purchase one of those "Learn To Knit In Under An Hour" jobbies to help me, seeing as I haven't a clue what I'm doing, hmm?

On the cross stitching front, just let me say this: I'm still going strong on Mystery IV, but I don't have enough to warrent a progress pic. Perhaps next week.:)


Yay! You've found me! New spelling, same name...and the rest we'll just let unravel.
You know, if I was really witty and clever I would have connected the new spelling with perle cotton to begin with and we could have avoided all this, but who knew?
Moon Musings #1
Question: how is it that you can't live without a particular pattern, and you spend great amounts of greenbacks to get that particular pattern, as well as fabric/floss/yaddahyaddahadinfinitum and you wait in great anticipation until it all gets here and then when it finally DOES............

..you move on to something else?

The Flow of Fashion
Well. I'm back.

I took the Queen of Holly Street and the Innovative One to Wal-Mart to get some ground beef for tonight's 'Spaghetti a la Stacey', or otherwise known as Just-Plain-Sketti-and-Meatballs. Of course, I could not *just* get the ground beef, oh nosiree bob, I had to walk out with nearly 70 US dollars worth of stuff. Now, I did find a lovely Claret sweatshirt, along with a Cornflower blue one, not to mention that soft-as-feathers striped gray shirt. I also had to buy some really cute jammies for the Queen, and the Innovative needed some new marbles. And then there was that Chocolate Lava Cake I had to get for dessert, and the extra spaghetti sauce...

I think you see where this is going.

Anyway, I'm back and updating and reading, and just plain catching up. And yes, it has been a while since this morning, thank you very much. Meow.

You know, I was thinking on the way home about my clothing purchases, and I realized my style can pretty much be summed up as "Conservative-Comfort-That-Flows". I realize as long as I have something on me that is flowing, whether it be my skirt, or my shirt, or my hair, then I feel like myself. I love to team up soft, boxy sweatshirts with gauzy patchwork skirts that swirl around my legs like waves. My signature hair style is a ponytail, but a very looooooooooong pony tail (I do not cut my hair. Ever. Not gonna do it) that cascades down my back and serves as my "flow-factor" when I'm wearing a simple shirt and straight skirt. My skirts are always long and I am usually barefoot, so I suppose that is the latent hippie coming out in me. I think I sent feminists screaming in frustration during the time I was expecting, because I epitomized the expression "barefoot and pregnant". Team all this with a bare face and round tortiseshell-pink glasses, and you have it.

I once watched a show on The Learning Channel where these two so-called experts come in and redo these poor women that someone thinks need redoing. The one lady they "rescued from herself" was an artist, and I tell you by the time they got done with her she looked like everybody else. I loved her style before: very simple, very original, very her. It was as if they stripped that away. I could tell she did not even like the clothes they had picked for her. Some of their ideas were okay, but for the most part I was booing the screen.
Of course, I guess it was because I *liked* the peasant blouses and plain faced she had adopted. As a former makeup artist (and one of the top in my area, if I may be so bold to add), I can tell you nothing makes a woman glow better than what comes from within.

Hah. Imagine if those two had a good look at me. I would send them running for their fabric and makeup brushes, only to disappoint them with a firm, "No Thank You". I've done that life, thanks. I prefer this one far too much.

Time Stand Still~Please!
Okay, perhaps I should have said in my previous post "never had a *four* year old", considering The Innovative One will be four the nineteenth of this month. Good gravy, I just can't seem to keep up with things. Sometimes I wish life had a pause button so I could catch up.
Oh yeah, and who made me a doorman for my cats? Come in, go out, begs to come back in, hangs on the screen to get out, yaddah yaddah...


If I had feathers right now I'd be molting.

Whoever coined the term 'Terrible Twos' never had a three year old...


A Font's Final Note
Okee-dokey, I think I have things settled to an appropriate sized font. If you have your internet font settings on at least 'medium', things should look fine.:)
And if any of you have found yourselves completely bored out of your minds with my prattling on about font sizes, just know this: so am I. Sorry, sometimes I kind of ramble, but I guess if I can't even interest myself on a subject then it's time to move on!
So...no more font discussion. At least not today.;)

A New Name
By the way, I have now been christened, courtesy of the Stitcher's Name Generator, the Lady of the Golden Thread...very appropriate, considering I adore metallics.:)

In Da Mood
I've been having fun with my new mood indicator, matching moods with emoticons and changing them at whim. Gee, I wish it was this easy in real life.

The Large and Small of It
1st post: Okay, I've had a request to make the fonts on my blog bigger. Well, it seems my blog took me *very* seriously when I pumped up the volume just one little notch!!! So, until I can figure out a happy medium to get this thing working properly, here you go!:)
Back to the template! See you soon!

2nd post: I've been playing with the fonts a little more, and now the body works nicely, but the links are teeny tiny. Hmmm......

3rd post: Okay! By gum, I think I've got it! Now the post *and* the links are at a decent size.
It is looking much nicer on my screen, not too big and not too small. What do you think? Somebody tell me soon before I forget what I did!
Oh yes, I want to add...I've got my internet font size set on "medium", so I can kind of gague the size. Please check and see what your internet setting is, for if the font is set on 'small' it might affect the way the blog looks at present.

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