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Post grip: I've lost every single comment on every one of my entries due to someone who gets his jollies off downloading viruses on that type of venue. So, if you took time to write a comment, please know I did not erase them. They must have been erased when Harry aka The Blog Man spent his time trying to find the problem and fix it. A *big* thank you to Harry and Blogger for finding the problem and taking care of it! Big kiss: mmmMMmmMmmmwwwWwaaaAAAA!
Oh, and I pray that the virus-king gets a new hobby, or at least gets busted. My computer would not be pleased having a cold.

Back On-Line
I've been off the computer for a few days, so I have a little catching up to do. I'll be reading blogs, checking bulletin boards, and all-around 'net surfing for a little while.

As far as the past few days, let's just say this: God is good.

What started out as one of the worst weekends of my life ended on a much brighter note. No rehashing of the events here, I assure you, but I am content with the way things are unfolding. A lesson in faith building, maybe? Perhaps. We shall see.

As far as stitching goes, I have been working on Chatelaine's Mystery IV and it is already one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Now I know beyond a doubt that I am in love with these amazing designs. I am going to put the Watergarden kit on my birthday list. I saw a picture of it stitched and framed on the Chatelaine board, and I knew that was the one I want to stitch next. I will be joining Mystery VI, probably around the middle of next year. I like the 'feel' of the Mysteries, but I also like to see a little of the projects in progress.

I do wonder what Martina is going to name Mystery IV once it goes into chartpack mode: Garden Mandala? Romantic Garden? Garden Paradise? Who knows. All those stunning peacocks are just begging for something grand.

Well, off to surf. Be back later.


It's A Mystery To Me
It seems I have bitten severely by the Mystery Bug.

I am waiting in great anticipation for my Mystery IV package to arrive today. The Mystery VI was mailed last Friday, and it got here on Monday. I was told Mystery IV was mailed on Tuesday, so hopefully it will have the same great turnabout and get here (:::::::::::::drum roll please:::::::::::::::::::) Today!!!

I can't wait to roll in those silks. Yuhum!

I've also joined the freebie Autumn Mystery Pam Kellogg is offering from her bulletin board. I got my charts via e-mail today, and needless to say I am Happy Dancing already--or, being in the South, perhaps I should say 'Happy Dayncin'.':) Well, no matter how you say it, I am a happy camper nonetheless.

It seems those Mirabilias and Teresa Wentzlers are just going to have to be put on hold for a while.

On the yukky side, hardanger is about to kick my patootie. I love the way it looks on the charts, but my doodle cloth is a disgrace. Oh, well...I'd rather my doodle cloth look like a child's pincushion than my finished project.

Patience, patience, that's what I need. I'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

Last night was great. Robert and I teach the Wed. night children's church, and we call is Salvation Safari. Our praise and worship is fabulous! We dance, sing, and just have a good time in God! The way I see it is if someone can whoop and hoot and holler until they are hoarse at a football game or a music concert, then all the better for Jesus, know what I'm sayin'? One of the things we've been teaching them is the books of the Bible. We are up to the first 20 books of the Old Testament. It is awesome to see these kids actually *learn*, not just memorize. I wonder how many adult self-professed Christians know even these many books. Even my son, who will be four in October, know the She' Ma and the Lord's prayer in it's entirety.

Well, I have to take the car in for a brake job, blechg. Money money money, must be funny in a rich man's world.


WIP report! WooHoo!
I just got two more WIPs uploaded onto my site: Enchanted Dreamer and more progress on Celtic Summer. Yay me!

I Can't Think Of A Catchy Title So This Is The Best I Can Do
I have found I am not a one time a day blogger. I find myself wanting to write little snippets in it all day, whenever something inspires me or catches my interest. I guess the best thing to do when that happens is put the time of entry and a new title so the writing does not look all muddled.

Yeah, and watch...now that I've said all this I'll only feel like writing once a day anyway and it will all be a moot point! Go figure.

Anywho, I spent a good portion of the day re-vamping my web site. It used to be called 'Ariasong', but seeing that an aria is a genre of song in an operatic score it seemed a little redundant so I just shortened it to 'Aria'. The artwork on my site is from the wonderful artist Reiko Shimizu, whose work I think is stunning. Her paintings have inspired a lot of my own. I really wanted to simplify everything on my site and clean up around the edges. I am pleased with the results.

I worked a little more on Lesa Steele's 'Butterly Song' last night. I was a little off on my counting, but I am not going to frog everything that I have done thus far. I would be devestated to see all that gorgeous silk go down the drain! I don't think it's anything I can't fugde with, so I'll leave it as is and see how things turn out.

Why is it the children want nothing to do with me all morning until I sit down at the computer????? Then all of a sudden it's "Let's see if we can drive Mommy crazy!" time! Arrgghh, it can be frustrating!!

::::::::::: deep breath breathe in wax on wax off:::::::::::

Okay. I'm calm now.

I got my package for Chatelaine's Mystery IV, but I knew ahead of time that it could be the wrong supplies. I got an e-mail from "Debbi" (name changed to protect the innocent), who said she may have put in the supplies for Mystery VI by mistake. Honest mistake, to be sure, considering a mere flip of a Roman numeral changes the 4 to a 6. Our Western eyes are not used to such numerage, so no big deal. I'll just pop it in the post and wait in anticipation for the correct supplies to arrive. Of course, I asked if I could keep it free for my "inconvience" (or however you spell that word), ha ha ha! I didn't really think they would go for that, but it never hurts to ask! Actually, I am glad it happened because now I know what the fibres for Mystery VI look like and I know I will want to stitch it after I finish Mystery IV!

Off now to read some blogs!:)


Addendum: I have been looking for blogs that focus primarily on cross stitching, but I have not found as many as I thought were out there. I'm a cross stitcher and sometimes crochet-er, but perhaps I ought to take up knitting...some of those pics on the knitting blogs are *fabulous*!

Too Much Stash and Not Enough House
Do you know what my problem is? Too much stash.

Yep, that's right...too much stash.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: thump ::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sorry, that was just me falling into a dead faint at the words of such blasphemy. Too much stash??? Is it possible?

Not really. But it *is* possible to have too little house!

Here is my dilemma...too much stash squeezed into too little house. The problem is that I don't want to get rid of anything, because I never know when I will want to stitch it! I could possibly part with a *few* charts, but you would have to pry the silks and metallics out of my cold, dead fingers before I'd willingly part with them. The fabics are the same way. I don't want to get rid of any of them, for I go through phases: one time I'm into hand-dyes, then I'm into plain colors, then I'm into evenweave, suddenly I can't do without linen, so on and so forth. You get the picture.

I wish someone with superb organizational skills who understands the fine art of stash-storage would take pity on this poor slob and organize my stash space!! I do so much better keeping things organized when somebody else does the work. That way I only have to "maintain" and not "create", know what I'm saying? I'm a painter and needleworker; I'd say my creative juices are pretty much saturated with those standards, and you notice Organization is not amongst them. I actually can orgainze, but I have to really really really work at it, and my stash always seems to get mussed up before I even step away from the drawer (or closet, or shelf...it's scattered everywhere because there is no one place it will all fit!).

Now, I know I don't have as much stash as other stitchers, and thank goodness for that or I would be sleeping on the deck. Some descriptions of stash hauls have left me in cold sweats. What would I *do* with it all? After I get over the envy of others full lines of Waterlilies and Eternas, reality-check time sets in and I realize I have too little space as it is for the stash I've got.

Here is a little sampling for those of you who enjoy 'stash sharing' via la internet:

Full line of DMC (nearly two full lines, with about three bags stuffed with those skeins that might come in 'extra')
Full line of Anchor (only three boxes actually bobbined)
Nearly the full line of Kreiniks blending filament and #4 braids
Full line of Sulky Sliver Threads
Full line of Prisms
Full line of Olde Willow Stitchery hand dyed threads
Nearly full line of Tiaras
Four boxes of Mill Hill/GICK beads
Endless baggies of odds and ends (miscelleneous silks, fibres, beads, etc)
One full box of bobbined Eterna silks (overdyes and regular colors)
One nearly full box for my silks: Waterlilies, Gumnuts, Silk N Colors, Vikki Clayton
One long drawer of my Oriental secretary's desk stuffed with a rainbow of fabrics
Patterns galore including designs from:
Camelot Designs (I'm nuts about castles)
Mirabilia (my favorite designer ever)
Teresa Wentzler (I love her non-fantasy designs)
Lesa Steele Designs (my favorite samplers)
Victoria Sampler
Lavender & Lace
others too numerous to name

It is not nearly as much as some but it is almost way to much for the space I have to dedicate to it! Wah wah boo hoo.

I guess there is only one simple, practical solution: sell my house and get a bigger one.


Well, okay, maybe not...but it can't hurt to dream!:)

Someone needs to call The Learning Channel and come up with a show that doesn't focus on making over a room but making over an area just for needlework supplies. It would be called The Stash Space and star too very cool looking thirty-somethings, thereby also doubling as a show that dispells the 'stitching is only for old ladies' myth.

Sounds cool...I wonder if they are taking calls?


The New Kid on the Blog
I'm depressed.

I feel I need to clarify my previous entry. I gave a couple of reasons why I would not be writing about my children a whole lot in my blog. I was trying to explain these reasons in a light-hearted manner, but I feel they may have been misunderstood. I enjoy reading about others and their children in their blogs, I think that is wonderful. I, however, choose to use my blog as a way of not only recording my thoughts but also as a way of 'escape', if that makes any sense. I certainly don't dictate what others write and I don't mean to be demeaning to anyone. I am also new to any blog 'netiquitte', do please have patience with me!

I guess I'm just too transparent. I blab everything I feel, and then possibly end up annoying someone. Oh well...with the way my day has been going today, I'm not surprised by any misunderstandings. It seems like whatever I have touched has turned from gold to garbage.

::::::::::::: sigh :::::::::::::::

I need to get a grip. I promised myself while I love to journal, I would keep any pity parties short and sweet, so the shorter this is the sweeter.

Moving right along...

Last night I decided to stitch Marilyn Leavitt-Inblum's "Once Upon A Time" over again, but this time using the original colors. I've already stitched a silk conversion of turquoises and aquas, and I left out the castle because I felt it muddied the piece with its new color scheme. I do happen to love castles, however, so I am going to stitch it again with said castle for my living room.
I'm also jamming on 'Butterfly Song', which is harder than it looks. That'll teach me to be smug with a design!


Still Waiting on the Cuppa Java
Ever have one of those days where you wanted to climb back into bed before you even left it?

Welcome to my morning.

It all began with the crying of the Queen of Holly Street. She is my 1 year old, dimpling-yet-demanding daughter. She is one of two of my children, my eldest being a very brilliant yet very willful 4 year old. Both of them are amazing, yet you will find I will not talk about them a whole lot in my blog. The reasons are two-fold:
1) Those of you who don't have children would probably find their daily antics about as exciting as watching a sloth sleep,
2) Those of you who do have children have either lived it or are currently living in these antics yourself and you read blogs to get a *break*!
And perhaps there is a third reason: I have to deal with potty-training in the flesh, I don't feel like re-living it in my blog thank-you-very-much.

Anyway, back to Da Queen.

I groggily shove toothpicks in my eyes to keep them propped open, all the while stumbling to her room to meet her demands of "Get me outta here!" Her door swings open and she stops crying. Her face meets me, wet with tears but all smiles. My daughter is adorable and I move to her, my sleepy stupor slowing my pace.

Needless to say, both children are now awake and need to be fed, so the cuppa java is going to have to wait. So is the stitching, in which I hope I can get some into night. I have just started Lesa Steele's Butterfly Song, and my hands are aching to get back to those silks.

More later...motherhood calls.


harvest moon


Welcome to one woman's journey into the wonderful world called Needlearts.

Why 'Pearl Moon', you ask? Well, that's simple: it's my favorite silk floss that has not been created yet.

Imagine this: 6 yards of spun silk that shimmers with the shades of silver, the palest of pink, soft sand, and a touch of coral. The over-dyed blending is so subtle it looks like one glimmering shade of iridescent, but when stitched the colors emerge to create a watercolor of glowing pearls.

*That* would be my favorite indeed. I have seen colors that have come close, but until the 'true' Pearl Moon is created (listen up Caron Collection! Thread Gatherer! Whomever!) I will dream and claim it's name for my blog. Works for me.:)

Actually, I have to thank Dani (a la Black Belt Stitching Wizard) to thank for the link to Blogger. I have been keeping a journal on my web site Ariasong, but it is a real pain to keep everything archived and updated. In truth, it became too much work and I stopped writing in it. This blog is *much*more to my liking...I can have all the fun and someone else can do all the work!
Again, works for me!:)

Now..on to STASH!!

The Great Stash Escape

Yesterday my mother and I went to a needlework shop we found in Macon, a good hour and a half away from where I live. Oh, but was it worth it!!!

This is what walked out with me that day:

'Chantilly' leaflet by Lesa Steele Designs
'Autumn Romance' by Victoria Sampler
8 skeins of Waterlilies
2 skeins of Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors
'Peace' Rose leaflet by the Silver Lining
'Memories' Rose leaflet by the Silver Lining
"Jean's Rose' leaflet by the Silver Lining
fat half of Antique White Jobelan
fat quarter of Potato Lugana
fat quarter of Cream Lugana
fat quarter of Bone Lugana


For me, the silks alone were worth it. One of the Waterlilies I purchased is "Royal Jewels", and I am going to use that to start Lesa Steele's Butterfly Song tonight. I was going to start Autumn Romance, but I'm really chicken about cutting the threads in the pattern, so I am going to practice first. As I plan to do the whole Seasonal series, I need to be sure I know what I am doing!

Well, enough writing. Off to get some housework done, duty calls! Only when my home is in order do I feel comfortable to sit down and stitch.:)

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